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Ardija Monthly News 2018 January Issue

The Top Team
Omiya Ardija’s top team played Match 33, the last home game of the season, on November 26 against Ventforet Kofu. The match ended in a 0-0 draw, and Omiya’s relegation to J2 became inevitable. In Match 34 played on December 2, Omiya was demolished by Kawasaki Frontale 0-5 and finished the season at the bottom of the J1 League.
Masatada Ishii, who took over as manager in the middle of the season, will continue to take command of the top team in the 2018 season. Meanwhile, head coach Keiji Kaimoto, GK coach Atsushi Shirai, and physical coach Takeshi Ikoma will be stepping down.
Omiya has a new uniform design for the 2018 season as the club celebrates its 20th anniversary. The commemorative 20th anniversary logo is placed at the right-side collarbone of the orange and navy checkered uniform. The color of the field players’ second uniform is navy and the third uniform is white.

The youth team lost 0-1 in both Match 16 and Match 17 of the Prince Takamado Trophy U-18 Football League 2017 Premier League East against Shimizu S-Pulse Youth and Kashiwa Reysol U-18 respectively. They drew 2-2 against Kyoto Sanga F.C. U-18 in the 18th and final match of the season, finishing in 9th place. They will be relegated to the Prince Takamado Trophy All Japan Youth (U-18) Football League Prince League next season.
The junior youth team participating in the 29th Prince Takamado Cup All Japan Youth (U-15) Football Tournament captured a 3-1 victory in the first round played on November 16 against Aomori Yamada Junior High School. In the second round, they gained a 4-0 victory by shutting out Kamatamare Sanuki U-15 and advanced to the December 24 quarterfinals.
The junior team took part in the 11th Saitama Prefecture Category 4 Football League Championship and won the first and second rounds. They overwhelmed Urawa Omagi SSS 3-0 in the semifinals and won the close match against Urawa Reds Junior in the final with a 2-1 score to capture the championship title.

On December 6, Marcelo Toscano and Cauê took part in the Ardija Soccer School at Stellartown and gave tips and encouragement to the school students. They took photos with them and signed autographs, spending a fun time with the kids.

On December 5, club president Masashi Mori and top team manager Masatada Ishii paid a courtesy visit to Kiyoshi Ueda, Governor of Saitama Prefecture, and the Saitama Prefectural Assembly to express the club’s gratitude for their support and to give a summary of the 2017 season. The president and the top team manager were joined by FW Genki Omae for a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Saitama City, Hayato Shimizu, and the Saitama City Assembly.
In recognition of Omiya Ardija’s hometown activity contributing to the protection of human rights, the Ministry of Justice awarded the club for its outstanding service in the protection of human rights. Omiya became the first professional sports club from Saitama Prefecture to receive this award.
The Ardija Business Club (ABC) voted to determine the outstanding players and coaches of the 2017 season. The award ceremony “Omiya Awards 2017” was held on December 7. The top 361 point-getters of the 2017 Season Fan Club were invited to the “Thanks Party” organized on December 10.
On December 13, Omiya Ardija and other Saitama-based sports clubs competing in the top league at the national level organized a talk show titled “Pridreams Saitama.” Ariajasuru Hasegawa represented Omiya Ardija and took part as a panelist.