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Ardija Monthly News 2019 December Issue

The Top Team
After winning three consecutive matches, Omiya Ardija’s 37th Meiji Yasuda J2 match of the season against Tokushima Vortis was held in Kumagaya, Saitama. The match in Kumagaya takes place once a year and has become an annual event. Omiya came from behind to equalize the score twice, but Tokushima scored the winning goal and the match ended in a 2-3 loss for Omiya. In Match 38 against FC Ryukyu, Omiya picked up a victory with a spectacular goal by FW Robin Šimovic just before the end of the match. Omiya went up against J2 leader Kashiwa Reysol in Match 39, and overturned the score with goals from MF Kanji Okunuki and MF Akimi Barada to capture a win. The match postponed by typhoon No. 19 (Match 36) against Avispa Fukuoka took place on November 6, and Omiya gained a shutout 3-0 victory with goals by FW Juanma Delgado, MF Ippei Shinozuka and MF David Babunski. At that point, Omiya shot to second place with 72 points. Only four days after the postponed Fukuoka match, Omiya played Tochigi SC in Match 40 and finished with a scoreless draw. In Match 41 against Albirex Niigata, the last home match of the 2019 season, Omiya managed to even the score with a PK by FW Genki Omae just before the whistle blew, but it was a disappointing draw that hindered Omiya’s automatic promotion to J1. They are now two points behind, and the outcome will have to wait until the final match of the season.

Omiya Ardija’s U18 team clutched two wins in a row in extra time in the 3rd round and quarterfinal matches of the 2019 J Youth Cup. The last time Omiya’s U18 advanced to the semifinal was 12 years ago in 2007 when current top team player DF Daisuke Watabe was on the team. They were defeated in the semifinal by Nagoya Grampus U-18 in a penalty shootout, but finished in third place – their best performance ever.
Meanwhile, the U15 team played their last match of the 2019 Kanto Youth (U-15) League against Kashima Antlers Tsukuba Junior Youth and finished as the league champion with 14 wins, 3 losses and 5 draws. As a result, they qualified for the Prince Takamado Trophy JFA 31st U-15 Japan Football Championship in December.

A friendly match between Omiya Ardija’s Soccer School and Tochigi SC Soccer School teams took place at Tochigi Green Stadium on November 10, the match day against Tochigi SC. The soccer school students were also invited to watch the top team’s match. The soccer school students played with excellent teamwork as they tried to score a goal. The kids welcomed the Ardija top team players onto the pitch with a high five before the warm-up session, and cheered them on from the spectators stand during the match.

The authentic uniform design for the 2020 season was announced on November 14. The first uniform for field players is designed with a samurai and sword, expressing the hard-working players and the uniform supporting their performance. The jacquard pattern is inspired by the crystal conformation of the sword’s section. The second field player uniform features a motif of the “yakumo” shrine crest of the Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine situated nearby NACK5 Stadium Omiya. The single white line across the front center taken from the path approaching the shrine expresses the pride of Omiya.