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Ardija Monthly News 2020 May Issue

The Top Team
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the J.League season has been postponed indefinitely. For now the Meiji Yasuda J2 League opening is tentatively set for Sunday, May 24.
As of Sunday, April 5, the Omiya Ardija top team has suspended all activities, and it is unclear when training will be resumed.

In early April the Japanese government has declared a state of emergency that includes Saitama Prefecture, and club activities for all categories have been suspended until further notice. Official matches and training sessions have also been suspended indefinitely.

The Omiya Aridja Soccer Schools were tentatively shut down throughout the month of March, but with the declaration of a state of emergency, all Ardija soccer schools have been closed since April 6 (Monday). The Omiya Ardija futsal court “Orange Court Stellartown” closed its doors as well.
A video message from the coaches of the Omiya Ardija Local Produce Team has been posted on the official Omiya Ardija Soccer School Facebook page and YouTube. Videos will be added on a regular basis, offering the kids who are staying at home various fitness ideas and fun quizzes.

On Thursday, April 9, Omiya Ardija’s president, Masashi Mori, made the following statement directed to all those involved with Omiya Ardija.

“In order to create the future together with solidarity, I hereby sincerely request that you take the necessary steps and measures to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus. I pray that our fans and supporters, all those working for the club, and their families will remain healthy and safe. I look forward to the day that we can all get together with a big smile. I also pledge that Omiya Ardija will do everything we can to contribute to the safety and prosperity of the local community.”

In order to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus, Omiya Ardija’s club shop “Orange Square” main store and clubhouse store have been closed from April 8 (Wednesday).
During the period that the top team’s activities are on hold, Omiya Ardija will use the club’s official social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram to reach out to the fans and supporters. There will be past matches and photos posted, as well a quiz relating to the club and other content that people can enjoy at home.

The results of the public voting for the “J.League SHAREN Awards” were revealed, and out of the 56 clubs, Omiya Ardija’s activity “Support Sign Language Day” was selected as the top initiative. The winners of the various awards will be announced on Tuesday, May 12, after the judge panel reviews all entries.