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Ardija Monthly News 2021 April Issue

The Top Team
On February 24, Omiya Ardija selected Daisuke Watabe as team captain and Kazuaki Mawatari as vice captain for this season.
The Meiji Yasuda J2 League’s 2021 season kicked off on February 28. Omiya grabbed a 2-1 victory in the first match against Mito Hollyhock, but lost the next match to Ventforet Kofu 0-2. Match 3 against Kyoto Sanga F.C. was suspended in the middle of the match because of a thunder storm, and the rematch was played on March 24.
Omiya announced on March 4 that the club signed Waseda University’s Junya Suzuki, who will join Omiya Ardija in the 2023 season.

Women’s Team
Omiya’s Aya Sameshima and Hannah Stambaugh were selected to participate in Nadeshiko Japan’s (Japan women’s national team) March training camp, which was held from March 17 to 31 in Kagoshima Prefecture.
WE League announced the 2021 WE League pre-season match schedule on March 5. According to the announcement, four matches will be played in April.

On February 20 and 21, the coach from Omiya’s promotion department led a pre-school trial football class held at Orange Court Stellartown for kindergarten children interested in starting football or joining Ardija’s school. Registration for new students is scheduled to begin in early March.

On February19, Ardija’s President Hidehiko Sano, Total Advisor Norio Sasaki (General Coach of Omiya Ardija Ventus), and Marketing Director Hisanori Takasu paid a courtesy visit to Saitama Mayor Hayato Shimizu and to the Saitama City Assembly before the opening of the 2021 season. Mayor Shimizu encouraged the club: “We hope Ardija will be promoted to J1 this season. We want this year to be a bright and happy one, and one of the keys is how well Ardija will perform.” A courtesy visit to Saitama Governor Motohiro Ohno and the Saitama Prefecture Assembly took place on February 24, and Governor Ohno stated, “On behalf of the citizens of Saitama Prefecture, we are eager to see the ‘Saitama derby’ match (Omiya Ardija vs. Urawa Reds) take place. Saitama will be celebrating its 150th birthday, and we hope Omiya Ardija will be promoted to J1 in this commemorative year. We will also extend our full support to the three professional women’s sports teams so that all of Saitama will be invigorated.”

The “2021 Ardija Business Club (ABC) General Assembly” was held online on February 25. This marked ABC’s 14th general assembly in which 81 members from 46 companies were in attendance. Omiya Ardija’s president, Hidehiko Sano, gave the opening remarks, followed by Tetsuya Nishiwaki, Director of Football, who presented the club’s development plans. This year’s activities of the ABC will include SDG programs and other projects that ABC members and the club can jointly carry out.