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Ardija Monthly News 2021 August Issue

The Top Team
Since Masahiro Shimoda took the helm as head coach, Omiya Aridja has suffered 1 win, 1 loss, and 3 draws, finishing the first half of the season at 21st place in the J.2 rankings, with the danger of relegation looming over their heads.
On June 23, Hideaki Kitajima became chief of the coaching staff.
For the first time in about a year and a half, the team opened their practice session to their fans, and 30 Omiya Ardija supporters, who applied in advance and won a ticket, came to watch. After practice, the lucky supporters were invited to take photos together with the players, maintaining physical distance, and enjoyed the special occasion.

Women’s Team
On July 1, Miyuki Takahashi’s transfer from Nippatsu Yokohama FC Seagulls to Omiya Ardija Ventus was finalized. On the same day, Ventus announced their Top Partner and Official Partners for the 2021 - 2022 season. The official slogan, “Zero to One: It’s our once and only ‘first’” was also revealed. The concept expresses going from nothing (zero) to creating or accomplishing something (one), and it reflects the wishes for the team’s first season to be a beautiful and brilliant one. The players are encouraged to take charge, voice their ideas, exchange opinions and make a decision together. The team has only one chance to experience a first season. The phrase, “once and only ‘first’”, was used to remind players to act on things they can do only in their inaugurating season.
Ardija Ventus held a five-day training camp titled “Fuji Juken presents: Omiya Ardija Ventus Summer Camp” from July 8 in Yamanashi Prefecture. It was a productive training camp, with friendly matches and seminars to prepare the players for the league’s first season.
Pre-season reservations for the 2021 - 2022 authentic uniform and the 2021 replica uniform began on July 17.

Rion Ichihara of Omiya Ardija’s U18 team was selected as a member of the U-16 Japan national team candidates training camp that took place from July 5 in Chiba Prefecture.

Omiya Ardija is hosting the “19th Omiya Ardija Art Contest” from June 28. The project is one of the club’s initiatives to gain wider recognition as “Saitama: The Football City” and to contribute to the development of the community through football. The theme of the art contest is: “Let’s draw Omiya Ardija!”
The “Dream Factory’s Miracle Teacher: A friendship-promoting event” took place on July 7 at Saitama City’s Sashiogi Kita Elementary School (in Nishi Ward). Yuta Mikado and Masahito Ono from the top team, coaches Shin Kanazawa and Keita Nozaki of the Promotion Department, and Club Ambassador Taishi Tsukamoto participated in the event and held a discussion in front of 107 sixth-graders about developing relationships through football and the importance of having a dream.